Superintendent's Message

Message from the Superintendent - Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans October 31, 2011

 To Our Meridian Community,

September and October have been exciting months in Meridian.  In every phase of our educational and support programs we continue to improve and make progress!

As most of our community is aware, the construction on Phase I of the Meridian High School Replacement and Renovation Project is well underway.  The construction is on schedule, and on budget.  Over the course of this school year and the next, the campus will be completely replaced with state of the art buildings, technology, and equipment.  Also on the MHS campus, the new agriculture facilities (Greenhouse and Barn upgrades) have been completed and are now in use by our students. Nearly all of the work on the $25.3 million MHS project is being completed by local contractors.  It is wonderful to know that all of these dollars are creating jobs in our community and providing much needed upgrades to the teaching and learning facilities of our district.

In addition to the great progress on the MHS project, the final design phase of the new Meridian Elementary School (Working Title) which will replace and combine Irene Reither Primary School and Ten Mile Creek Elementary School, will be completed over the winter. This project is scheduled to go to bid in the summer of 2012.  The renovation of Meridian Middle School is also in the planning stage and that project is scheduled to be bid in the summer of 2012 as well.  When all the projects are completed there will be over $47 million worth of improvements to our facilities. All three projects are scheduled to be brought to completion in the fall of 2013.  As always, we understand and appreciate that none of this work would have been possible without the support of our voters during the winter 2010 bond election.  Thank You!

Over the last three years the efforts to align all of the curricular areas in the Meridian School District with the state requirements, purchase new curricula, and support professional development for our instructional staff, have been taking place with urgency.  That work continues into this school year in Math, Literacy/English, Science and Social Studies being the main areas of district-wide focus.  I have appreciated the efforts of our teachers to collaborate professionally in the creation of lessons, common assessments, and in the analysis of student performance data as they plan their instruction. Improvements in many other areas of the educational program are also underway. Our district has made great strides in the improvement of instruction and in the support for ongoing  professional development for our teachers

Technology upgrades to the district network now allow for state assessments and local academic progress measures to be completed online.  The network upgrades also allow for better access to online materials for instruction and improve the capacity for teachers to use their classroom technology to its fullest extent. These upgrades were completed over the summer and brought on line this fall.

The numbers of students partaking in school sponsored sports and activities are close to an all-time high for Meridian. We have seen large increases in the numbers of students involved in music over the last three years as well.  We are very fortunate to have great support from our community youth sports, boosters, and youth group partners. Children in our community have many opportunities to be involved in positive and meaningful activities which promote belonging and positive values. The district is deeply appreciative our excellent working relationship with, and generosity of our community supporters!

Since July of 2007 the district, through the vision and foresight of our school board, has undergone a transformation.  Working in tandem with our community we have accomplished several goals in Meridian that many people did not think possible, just a few short years ago. The district is committed to our strategic course of action and we are appreciative of the active role our parents and community are playing in helping us to make these improvements.  


As we move forward, please know that your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Meridian is a great place to be… and getting better each day.