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December 14, 2011



December 14, 2011



The meeting was called to order by Board Chair, Brian Evans, at 7:03 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


School Board Chair, Brian Evans, made an amendment to the agenda to swear in the new Board members before proceeding. Superintendent Yeomans swore in re-elected Board member, Craig Wasilewski, and newly elected Board members, Marty Gray and John Bosche as well as student members, Emily York and Amanda England.


Board members present were: Brian Evans, Craig Wasilewski, Marty Gray, Karolyn Crabtree, John Bosche, Amanda

England and Emily York.



A motion to adopt the agenda was made by John Bosche and seconded by Craig Wasilewski. The motion

passed 5-0.



A. Minutes for the November 21, 2011 meeting.

B. Accounts Payable/Payroll.

Craig Wasilewski asked a question about Accounts Payable with regards to a specific account. Dr. Yeomans gave a brief explanation. Craig Wasilewski made a motion to approve the consent agenda. Marty Gray seconded the motion and the motion passed 5-0.



Karolyn Crabtree nominated Brian Evans for School Board Chair. Marty Gray seconded the motion. Brian Evans was elected School Board Chair with a 5-0 vote. Brian Evans nominated Craig Wasilewski for School Board Co-Chair. John Bosche seconded the nomination. Craig Wasilewski was elected School Board Co-Chair with a 4-0 vote. Craig Wasilewski abstained from the vote. John Bosche nominated Karolyn Crabtree for the Legislative Chair. Craig Wasilewski seconded the nomination. Karolyn Crabtree was elected Legislative Chair on a 5-0 vote.

Dr. Yeomans shared that if the Board was willing, Dr. Jerry Jenkins, from the ESD, would do a Board Operating Protocols work session with the Board.



Superintendent Yeomans recognized first grade teacher, Sarah Updike, for her accomplishment in National Board Certification.



Craig Calkins presented progress on the MHS project over the last month. He also presented an update on the Meridian Elementary School Project. Mr. Calkins shared information from the value engineering report, with specific reports on the recommended HVAC System. He noted that the full value engineering report will be available to the Board at the January 11th meeting.


Karolyn Crabtree asked a clarifying question regarding the use of the gym for basketball season. It was shared that basketball will continue as scheduled with minimal interruption.


John Bosche asked how the logistics of the move into the CTE building in April are planned, specifically with regard to the size of the equipment. Craig Calkins replied that the entire move will be closely and carefully managed. Brian Evans asked a clarifying question to ensure minimal impact on the students. Craig Calkins shared that the plan is to move the CTE program into the new building over Spring Break. Dr. Yeomans then recognized the project team for their efforts and effective management of the project.


Brian Evans asked a question with regard to the heating system in the middle school. A short discussion followed.



Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, David Forsythe, presented information regarding mental health issues in our students. Mr. Forsythe shared that an outside contracted mental health specialist will be on campus two days a week to provide services for qualifying students. Karolyn Crabtree clarified that full parental awareness will be included in this program.

Mr. Forsythe also shared the pilot project for student data management. He shared that teachers and principals are very excited about the program and its capabilities.



High School Principal, James Everett, and High School Vice-Principal, Kurt Harvill, shared the growth and progress taking place at Meridian High School. Goals and focuses for the year included creating a culture of service to students, staff and community on campus through the inclusion of two full-time counselors, the leadership class, college and financial aid night which serves as a host for North Whatcom County schools, as well as JWG and HANDS, which help students become college and work force ready. A brief discussion regarding aide for students already enrolled in college followed.


Vice-Principal, Kurt Harvill, shared the excitement of having the Construction Academy able to access real-world construction meetings during the building process of the new high school. Mr. Everett shared that technology is integrated into instruction as well as a means of communicating with students, staff, families, and community. Mr. Everett went further to discuss the effort toward community involvement through parent roundtables, the construction academy, engineering academy, food, blood, and coat drives, as well as student volunteers at the elementary and primary schools. Craig Wasilewski and Karolyn Crabtree suggested other venues to promote attendance in the parent roundtables.


Mr. Everett pointed out the staff efforts in collaboration and professional development. Finally, Mr. Everett shared that the current school year shows an increase in attendance and projected graduation rates.



2011-2012 Budget and Enrollment Report

Dr. Yeomans shared that there is meticulous care to each line item in the budget. A brief discussion regarding encumbrance funds followed. Superintendent Yeomans shared that the December enrollment does not include MP3 students as they take the month of December off.


Strategic Plan Update

There was a brief discussion regarding an upcoming Strategic Plan work session.


Accounts Payable Due Date

Dr. Yeomans expressed thanks to the Board for an extension on the deadline for accounts payable.


Basic Ed. Compliance

Dr. Yeomans shared that the district is staffed appropriately with regards to the Basic Minimum Ed. Requirements upheld by the State.


Discussion on HS Student Cell Phone Use

Superintendent Yeomans shared that a class will be piloting using student technology in the classroom. Craig Wasilewski requested that the district look at a policy regarding cell phone use.


Levy Measure Information

Dr. Yeomans shared that the public will be informed about the levy via the Bellingham Herald and Lynden Tribune.


BoardDocs Implementation

It was shared that BoardDocs will be training the Board and relevant district members on the BoardDocs program at the January 25th meeting.


Superintendent’s Evaluation – Mid-year

The Board intends to review the Superintendent’s Evaluation during Executive Session.



Karolyn Crabtree shared levy meeting updates. The next meeting is the 9th, at the IBC. John Bosche shared information from a meeting for Wind for Washington. He shared that the Planning Commission shared that zoning changes were approved.



There was no public comment.






Personnel Report

Karolyn Crabtree made a motion to adopt the Personnel Report. Craig Wasilewski seconded the motion.

The motion passed 5-0.


Interlocal NCTA Agreement

 Dr. Yeomans shared that this agreement allows the district to become a branch campus for the Northwest Career and Technical Academy. Superintendent Yeomans recommended to the Board to approve the interlocal agreement. Craig Wasilewski moved to approve, Marty Gray seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.



There was no old business.





The Board adjourned into Executive Session for the Superintendent’s evaluation at 9:27.



The Board went into Executive Session at 9:30 p.m. to review the Superintendent’s evaluation.

The Board reconvened at 11:00.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 p.m.

___________________________________ ____________________________________

Chair of the Board                                               Timothy S. Yeomans, Superintendent and

Secretary to the Board

December 14, 2011