Irene Reither Elementary Parent Resources

Kindergarten at Irene Reither Elementary 

Kindergarten Teachers:
Mrs. Gunderson and Mrs. Robbin
Mrs. Eining
Mrs. Macleod
Mrs. Pennylegion
Ms. Yetter
Ms. Drury

Irene Reither is proud to offer full-time kindergarten for all students beginning in the fall of the 2015-16 school year. Kindergarteners will attend school from 9:00 to 3:30 each regular school day. 
The Kindergarten Day:
Kindergarten students participate in a variety of engaging learning experiences each day. While each teacher brings uniqueness to their own classroom, every kindergartener has equal learning opportunities. Throughout the day kindergarteners participate in whole group, small group, and individual instructional activities.
    General Overview of the Kindergarten Day
    Entry Jobs: Students enter their classroom, take their folder out of their backpack, if they have home lunch they place it in the lunch bin, hang up backpack and coat, and sit down to an entry job.
Morning Meeting: Students greet one another, talk about the schedule for the day, and participate in daily calendar/reading routines.
Math Instruction: This includes whole group math instruction around the current math content and small group activities in which students participate in hands-on experiences.
Recess: 15 minute morning recess.
Literacy Instruction: Whole group experiences: read aloud, phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and discussion around current content skills and standards. Small group activities extend content covered in whole group instruction. Social Studies and Science content are embedded in our literacy instruction and activities.
Lunch and Recess: Students have a 20 minute lunch followed by a 20 minute recess. 
Work Around the Room: This is a student directed Plan, Do, and Review work time. Plan: students individually select an area of the classroom they want to work in and share their plan. Do: students work in the area of the classroom they chose, engage in dialogue and play with peers, and problem solve in the moment. Review: the class cleans up together and then sits in a meeting circle to review work around the room time. Each child shares a sentence or more about what they did. 
Response to Intervention: This block of time provides students with the opportunity to receive additional small group instruction at their current level of need. Students across the kindergarten grade level are intermixed in small groups. 
Specialties: Kindergarteners attend one specialty per day and are on a 6 day rotation. In the 6 day rotation they attend PE and Library twice, and Technology and Music once.
Writer’s Workshop: During writer’s workshop students are exposed to different genres of writing and have the opportunity to write at their developmental level in each genre.

WaKIDS Assessment: One part of full-time kindergarten is the WaKIDS assessment. Each child will be assessed by their classroom teacher through observations of their participation in typical classroom activities. WaKIDS encompasses the whole child and has the following six components:
1. Social Emotional
2. Physical
3. Cognitive
4. Language
5. Literacy
6. Mathematics
 The purpose of this assessment is to gather data about each child’s developing skills as they enter kindergarten. Teachers use this data to plan the most valuable learning experiences for their students. If you would like to know more about WaKIDS please talk to your child’s teacher or visit

Kindergarten Curriculum:
Literacy: Wonders by McGraw-Hill 
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears
Math: Math Expressions

Activities & ideas that families can do at home ~


Authentic learning experiences are everywhere - a trip to the grocery store, helping out with meals in the kitchen or tools in the garage - there is a wonderful moment to expose, practice,  or apply the learning that fills our children's lives.  The links below might provide a few new ideas to support your student as a life long learner.