Calendar Waiver Information from the Superintendent

tchurchill Sat, 02/11/2017 - 1:19pm
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Meridian Community,

I have received some inquiries regarding whether or not the District will apply for a waiver for the missed days of school this past week.  Here is the information regarding the waiver process.  Please share with others as you are able.
Districts can apply for a waiver from the state for the required 180 days of school if the following two (2) conditions are met:
1. The school board must pass a resolution approving the District's application for a waiver.  
I will be taking the resolution to the Board for consideration at their next meeting on February 22nd.  Until then, I can make no official announcements.
2. The District would still meet the required 1,027 hours of instruction in a school year required by the State Board of Education.  This requirement used to be 1,000 hours until the State Board changed this in 2012.
Meridian Schools currently provide 1,034 hours of instruction in our regularly scheduled 180 day school year due to our daily schedule, early release days and time that qualifies for instructional hours.  
Therefore, the District only has 7 hours over the required minimum.  This limits the District's ability to apply for a waiver for anything more than the seven hours so the District will only be able to apply to have one (1) of the missed days waived by the state.
I will be bringing the resolution to the School Board for waiving one (1) of the missed days.  If the Board  approves the waiver resolution, I will send it on to the state for their approval.  This approval process takes about 6 weeks or so.  
It is relatively safe to assume the waiver will be granted by the state if the School Board approves it and the District stays above the 1,027 minimum required instructional hours.
Please  plan on the rest of the missed days being added to the end of our current calendar with the expected last day of school being on June 23 if we are granted the waiver or June 26 if we are not.  I will make an official announcement once we have a final answer.
On another note, MHS graduation date will be rescheduled from the currently scheduled date of June 13 as graduation can only occur within the last five days of school.  The School Board will take action on setting a new graduation date at their meeting on February 22nd.  Once this decision is made, it will be announced.
Please contact me if you have questions at or at 398-7111
Tom Churchill, Superintendent