Math Ideas for 1st Grade

jiwasaki Mon, 01/17/2011 - 10:21am

Math Ideas for 1st Grade:

Look for shapes in your home, at the store, or on the road.

Discuss what makes it that shape, i.e. a triangle has three sides. When you return from the store with eggs, turn them into "mathematical" eggs as you place them in the refrigerator!

Begin by talking about what a dozen is. Then take one out and ask how many are left. Ask if there are more or less eggs now and if they added or subtracted the one egg. Continue to do so with one or two eggs at a time talking about it each time.

Use the empty egg carton and beans, buttons, or other counting objects to create addition problems. Begin with two and add one. Double the amount by adding three and discuss it is doubles 3 + 3. Continue to add objects. Use the carton with objects in it and subtract and then add amounts to it.

Ask if they are adding or subtracting objects. Ask how they know they are adding or subtracting. Have them say the number sentence: 8 � (minus) 5 = 3.

Play a game of "Concentration". Shuffle cards and lay them down in a random arrangement. The object of the game is to collect pairs of cards with the same number. Each player takes a turn turning two cards up. If the cards match the player keeps the cards. If the cards do not match they are placed back with the others face down. The player with the most pairs of cards wins.