Change in Policy for MHS Weight Room – The Meridian High School weight room is provided by the District for the education and instruction of District students.  Based on guidance from the Washington Risk Management Pool (the District’s insurance provider) the weight room will henceforth be available only to Meridian School District employees and current students.   Members of the public and former students who wish to use District facilities must submit a facility use application to rent the facilities when not in use by students.  However, facility rental of the weight room will not be allowed due the high risk nature of the equipment and potential liability risk to the District.

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Parents Make the Difference
IRE Home Reading Program

Imagine a child who practices batting and pitching a ball to his dad an hour everyday all summer, from the time the child is three until he is eight. [May, June, July, August = 120 hours a year for 5 years] Imagine a second child - no practice, no training, has never slipped his hand in a baseball glove, has never run the bases, has never swung a bat, has almost never seen a full game played.

Imagine that they turn out the same day for Little League. The skill level between these two young ball players is like the skill level in reading readiness for our students. Reading is a skill - and like all skills - practice makes all the difference!

It takes time, exposure, experience, practice, practice, practice and often the help of another person. The most important 20 minutes of your day... Reading With Your Child

The above information is a reminder from The Reading Foundation.  The IRE Home Reading Program is designed to improve student reading. Daily reading with a child is the most powerful tool that can be used to ensure school success