Instructional Service Provider Services

What is an Instructional Service Provider?

  • A business or facility that provides an educational service which is contracted through a school district
  • Has a tax ID # required (social security # will not be accepted)
  • Fingerprints must be on file with OSPI and current within the past 12 months (renewal every 2 years). Cost of fingerprints is the responsibility of the ISP.
  • Instructors must be 18 years or older.
  • Facilities offering physical education classes must have proof of liability insurance.


What services are considered substantially similar?

  • Substantially similar classes as offered in the Meridian District’s traditional classes. For example, group PE classes with units of new learning, tutoring for core classes, art, drama, and music).
  • Group lessons that focus on instruction of new learning.
  • Group lessons must have 3 or more students enrolled in the educational class at the same time.


What services are not considered substantially similar?

Individual lessons, religious content classes, memberships, admission, tuition, clubs, team sports, clinics, elite classes, or content specific classes (such as dance, karate, swimming, or gymnastics) 


How do I become an approved Instructional Service Provider with MP3?

First, an MP3 family must submit an Instructional Service Provider Screening Form for each class for approval.  This form is reviewed by the ISP Committee.  Once a class is approved the services secretary requests information from the service provider in an ISP Packet.  When the services secretary receives all necessary documentation from the ISP, the ISP is placed on the MP3 Instructional Service Provider List.  For more info click here.

If I find an ISP on the MP3 Instructional Service Provider List can I request services for any classes provided by this ISP?

No,  if the class a family wishes to request services for is not on the MP3 Instructional Service Provider List they must submit another Instructional Service Provider Screening Form for that class.

What does it mean if an ISP is in Pending Status?

The ISP committee has approved the request.  MP3 is waiting for the ISP to complete the necessary paperwork before services can be approved.  MP3 Families may submit an Instructional Service Provider Screening Form if they wish to be notified when the ISP has been approved for services.  Otherwise, the MP3 website can be checked for updates.  Once the paperwork is received from the ISP the status will be changed from Pending to Approved.

What is the process for new service requests?

Flow chart depicting service request process

Do I need to fill out a Parent Agreement for each ISP?

No, the Parent Agreement only needs to be completed once a year before any services begin.