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How Does Honor Level Work?

Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 03/29/2011 - 9:32pm

All students begin the school year as Honor Level One Students. Students who do not remain on Honor Level One always have the opportunity to work their way back to Honor Level One by observing all the school rules and receiving no conduct related infractions for at least two weeks. Students on levels lower than Honor Level One are consistently encouraged to work their way up to Honor Level One. HonorLevel lists are posted regularly, and incentives are provided for students to move up from one level to another and to remain on Honor Level One. Rewards will also be based on accumulated demerits each quarter. Students will start each quarter with zero demerits.

Students accumulating in one quarter:

  • 15 demerits will receive a one to three day suspension from school. A student may return earlier with a reentry conference.
  • 25 demerits will receive a three to ten day suspension from school. A student may return earlier with a reentry conference, Reentry conferences will include parent/s or guardian/s, student, teachers, and administration
  • Suspensions will continue with every 10-demerit increment.
  • Student will start with zero demerits at the beginning of each quarter



All students need to take responsibility for their own actions. Do not use the excuse, "Everybody else did it." Middle school is where students make choices and decisions that will affect them through high school and beyond. Everyone has the ability to make good decisions and should work to do so.

Parent notification will occur at Levels III and IV.