Principal's Message (11/1/19) - Career & College Planning Workshop Opportunity on November 19th

One of the requirements for a student to graduate high school in Washington State is the successful completion of a high school and beyond plan.  This plan begins in middle school with students looking at possible careers and continues through high school with students making adjustments to their plan, choosing classes that meet the course requirements for graduation as well as preparing each student for college, employment, or both.

There is a great opportunity for all of our students and families to attend a workshop on November 19th at Squalicum High School to gather information from both employers and colleges in a variety of topics related to post-high-school plans.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about what is possible after high-school and to be thinking about steps to take while still in high school to make what is possible a reality.

More information about the workshop can be found on the attached flyer below.


Opportunities are also available at MHS throughout the school year.  In addition to the learning taking place in classes, Ms. Maria Schatz is gathering names of MHS alumni to participate in the MHS Alumni Speaker Series.  MHS Alum will be able to share their experiences that prepared them for their current careers.  Ms. Shannon Waterman and Ms. Schatz are also working with local businesses and colleges.  In some cases, students are taking field trips to learn more on-site.  In other cases, businesses and colleges are sending their reps here to meet with students during lunch, in class, or during T3.

If you have any questions or have some ideas for other ways we can expose students to different opportunities, please email me or call me at 360-398-8111.

Thank you