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Reporting Missing Assignments - Change for 2nd Semester

We are making a change to how we communicate missing assignments via skyward to parents and students.



#1 – Teachers will enter any assignment not turned in as missing, and give it a score of zero, within two school days after the assignment was due.

#2 – As long as an assignment is marked missing, a teacher will allow that assignment to be turned in for credit, which means if a teacher no longer will accept an assignment it needs to not be marked missing.


Rationale for changes

#1 – Better communication - Students, parents, and support staff will know whether an assignment was not turned in versus not yet being graded.

#2 – Better plans to catch up - Student, parents, and support staff will know what assignments can be worked on to improve a grade and which assignments are not able to be made up anymore.


If you have questions about these changes, please contact Derek Forbes at or by phone at 360.398.8111