MHS Class of 2018 - 92.5% Graduation Rate

In 2018, 92.5 percent of Meridian High School Seniors graduated on-time.  This rate is the highest rate on record for Meridian High School.  The graduation rate can be attributed to many factors that have supported the hard work of the 2018 graduates. 


The MHS staff is a caring group of adults who build positive relationships with students and are willing to go to great lengths to support students and student learning.  In addition to the work taking place in the classroom, students are also encouraged to get connected with at least one school activity outside of the classroom, giving students an opportunity to build connections with other students and the school. 


The collective belief in students and their ability to succeed encourages staff in their work to support students and each other.   These efforts are further strengthened by changes in the school to provide structures to support students throughout the day and in each year of high school.  A great example of these efforts is the creation of Trojan Tutorial Time (T3).  Seeing a need to better support students, MHS changed their schedule in 2015-2016 to provide time and support during the school day to help students better learn material, get answers to questions, or have more time to complete assignments.  The result was both a decrease in failing grades at the end of the semester as well as an increase in students making the honor roll.  T3 provides support three days a week with teachers facilitating sessions connected to material being learned in class. 


Great teaching and positive relationships may not always be enough.  MHS counselors work with struggling students to provide additional options to students who need more support.  Counselors work with teachers and parents to build strategies to help the student be more successful.  The counselors also connect students to other school resources in the school, as well as resources outside of school.


Students are still cared for even if they have left MHS prior to graduation.  The term, “Once a Trojan, always a Trojan” is seen in the registrar’s work to track students and provide necessary paperwork to make sure their accomplishments at MHS are recognized in their new setting.


While the graduation rate is attributed to the high school. Graduation is an indication of the work done well before students enter the halls of MHS.  With so many of Meridian’s students attending school since kindergarten at Irene Reither Elementary, this is clearly a District accomplishment that is a result of the work of all District staff, parents, and community who have provided resources and support in all phases of each student’s education.


While MHS celebrates this accomplishment, work continues to better equip students to live successful lives after high school.  This year, MHS, along with other Meridian School District Schools, have an hour each Friday for teachers to work in collaborative teams to improve classroom and school-wide strategies to improve student learning in the classroom, better providing students the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their time in the MSD and in their lives after graduation.


As the Class of 2018 moves forward, having a high school diploma will help each graduate move forward to reaching their next set of goals to be contributing, productive citizens in our community.