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Principal's Message: WATCH form and OPT OUT form


The MSD School Board amended the opt-in / opt-out form to just an opt-out form last April. Parents/Guardians have a right to opt out of having their student’s photo/image published in any manner by the school district. This includes in yearbooks, newsletters, web pages and other District approved publications. If parents/guardians wish to opt out, form 2022F must be filled out and submitted to the student’s school. This election must be done annually and is good only for that current school year.

The form can be picked up in our main office or found online at:

If we do not receive this signed opt-out request, we will assume the parent/guardian allows the Meridian School District to publish photos/images of their student in District-approved  publications.

If you have questions regarding this form, please contact Meridian School District Superintendent, Tom Churchill at (360) 398-7111.

Volunteers are an important part of Irene Reither Elementary.  In an effort to keep students, families, and staff safe, we require that all volunteers complete the Washington Access to Criminal History (WATCH) form.  The form is attached here.  Please complete this form and return it to the Irene Reither Elementary office if you are planning to volunteer or visit our school. 

Thank you for being a part of the Meridian community.  

     Kind regards,

     Patti Fouts, Principal

Patti Fouts, Principal 
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