Weekly Update from the Superintendent - May 4, 2018

tchurchill Fri, 05/04/2018 - 12:00am
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May 4, 2018

This weekly update includes information from the District Office and department staff regarding District operations and reminders.  It does not include updates or activities from each school site.

Office of the Superintendent:

Certified Staff Appreciation Week is May 7-11 – Please extend a personal thank you to each of the certified staff members that you know.  We have such an excellent certificated staff that is dedicated to daily professional work.  They guide their students to help them grow into knowledgeable, competent, and respectful adults.  They are committed to providing a high level of professional excellence and I am proud to have each one of them working in Meridian.  Their daily work makes a difference for all of us, for all of their students and for the future.

WASA Community Leadership Award – On Thursday it was my pleasure to honor Ellen Terpsma as the Community Leadership Award recipient for Meridian SD at the annual awards luncheon at the Skagit Valley Country Club.  The award is sponsored by the Washington Association of School Administrators.

Ellen was recognized for her work to support MHS student athletes through her work on the MHS Athletic Recognition Wall in the foyer between the two gyms at MHS.  Ellen has done all the research to identify these outstanding student athletes.

When you see her at the next game (likely in the stands or on the sidelines taking pictures or filming the action) please thank her for her countless hours of volunteer work to benefit our students.

School Board:

Next Regular Board Meeting - The next regular School Board meeting is at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Board meetings are held in the Professional Development/Board Room at MHS.  All staff members are invited and welcome to attend School Board meetings.   Meeting agendas and minutes can be accessed via a link from the District web site or at http://www.boarddocs.com/wa/msdwa/Board.nsf/Public

Business Office: (Daniel Yorton, Director of Business Services)

Expense Claims – Please Submit Year-End Claims ASAP Expense claims are used as a means of employee reimbursement for out of pocket travel expenses for conference and meetings.  Expense claims should be completed on a monthly basis with ideally one claim made per month.  Having only one claim per month cuts down on the amount of paperwork that is processed through accounts payable.  Itemized receipts are required for all reimbursable expenses (including food).  Itemized receipts show the detail of items purchased.  Expense reimbursement rules are governed by board policy and procedure 6213 and 6213P respectively.  If you expect you will need to make a claim or make claims on a regular basis, please review the board policy and procedure in the links below.



Please submit all outstanding expense claims as the year is coming to a close.  Thank you!

2017/18 Purchase Orders – Reminder: The deadline to have 2017/18 purchase orders in for approval is May 15, 2018. All purchases made after May 15th will require special approval from the Finance Department.

Please note that this is the final due date for 2017/18 PO.  Buildings and departments will likely have earlier deadlines for staff members to get their purchases to the building secretary.  For example, the Meridian Middle School cut off for teachers and other staff to get their purchases in to the building secretary is May 9.  Please contact your building principal (or department director) for your exact purchasing cutoff date.

My Favorite FLOTUS Quote of the Week:  “I think imagination is one of the greatest blessings in life.” (Edith Roosevelt)