Student Safety During Morning Drop Off and End of Day Pick Up

cbennum Sat, 02/24/2018 - 9:24am

To ensure safety for all IRE families, please follow these important guidelines regarding morning student drop of:
1) Please do not park in the drop off loop.  The area is clearly marked with No Parking signs.

2) If your child can safely and independently exit your vehicle, pull to the curb and let your child get out of the car.   Do not get out of your car on the driver side.
3) If your child cannot safely and independently exit your vehicle, and/or if you need to come into the school building, even briefly, please park in a designated parking space and use the crosswalk to enter the school safely.
4) The first row of the parking lot is not a drop off zone.  Use the drop off loop to drop off a student.
5)  When in the drop off line, please try to stay single file through the loop, without passing other cars.  While this may be less convenient at times, it is essential for student safety.

6)  The drop off loop in the morning is exactly that, a drop off loop.  Vehicles should move slowly, allow students to exit vehicle, and continue on.

1) School dismissal time is 3:35PM.  This is a very important time for each class, as they are wrapping up the events of the day.  Please honor this time by waiting until 3:35 to pick up your child at the parent pick up area.  Please do not pick up your student before 3:35PM unless there is a family emergency.
2) Thank you for supporting our new pick up area beyond the fence/gate area.  Families and staff agree that this is a safer area to meet students.
3) Due to the amount of people picking up students, and safety for all IRE families at the parent pick up area, we ask that you do not park in or drive through the drop off loop.  The drop off loop is clearly marked with no parking signs.
4) Please park in a designated parking space in the paved or gravel area, and use crosswalks.

Thank you for your help with these safety procedures.