Student Drop Off and Pick Up Safety

tsilves Fri, 11/17/2017 - 12:42pm

Beginning of Day Procedure:

  • Students are welcome to be at school beginning at 9:20 am and campus classes begin at 9:30 am.
  • Parent drop-off loop is between 9:20 am-9:30 am. 
  • If students arrive after 9:30 am, please have your child enter through the office so they can check in and MP3 staff will assist them to class.  


Parent Pick-Up Procedure:

  • If you are planning to park and pick up your child, please park in designated parking space
  • Meet and check out your student with your SLPC and use the crosswalks
  • If you need to talk with your SLPC, please set up a time in advance either before or after school since they will be focused on student safety and supervision.


End of Day Procedure:

  • Students will transition at the end of the day to their SLPC at 2:45 pm
  • Parent pick-up loop is between 2:50 pm- 3:00 pm.


Parking Lot Safety and Loading Zone (drop-off/pick-up loop)

  1. Follow the direction of the arrows.
  2. Drive slow (snail pace 5 mph)
  3. Stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks
  4. Enter through the loading zone
  5. Pull forward to allow others to enter the loading zone
  6. Please do not cross the solid white line of the loading zone
  7. Be patient and wait to enter and exit in a forward motion.
  8. Please do not back up (this helps avoid accidents)
  9. Students should enter/exit the vehicle curbside in the yellow painted loading zone
  10. Stay in your vehicle so you can enter/exit safely and quickly (others will be waiting behind you)
  11. Please do not park in the loading zone, please use designated parking spots



Helpful tips for a safe departure…


  • Let your SLPC know of any pick up changes before 12:00 pm and send a note with your child to give to their SLPC at the end of the day.
  • Share the loop procedures with family members and friends if they will be using the drop off/pick up loop.



Your child’s safe transition home is our priority!