Principal's Message: New Art Piece at IRE - H2O to 02


As we enter our 5th year in our beautiful new school and expand into Building B at Irene Reither Elementary, we celebrate the installation of an art piece titled: H20-to-02 created by an amazing public artist, sculptor and painter from Utah, Greg Ragland (see photos below).

Whenever Washington State funds new construction, by law, half-of-one-percent of funding is set aside for the commissioning of new artwork. Schools with new construction are eligible to apply for a public art project through The Washington State Arts Commission, also known as ArtsWA.

Irene Reither Elementary applied for and was awarded a project in 2015. The project was initiated by former principal, Mr. Paul Lewis.  We assembled a local art committee to work with a facilitator from ArtsWA to set goals for the project, select the artist, and help him to design a project that would relate specifically to our school and this community. The art committee consisted of the following members:  Chairperson, Connie Bennum   Committee members, Stori Robertson, Sarah Updike, Peggy Bosche, Sara Warnock, Patti Fouts, and Brian Stephan.

Greg Ragland’s artwork joins over 4,600 artworks that comprise the State Art Collection located in over 1,200 schools and state agencies across Washington State. Unlike art collections you might find in a museum, the State Art Collection is chosen by community representatives and is sited in places where people study, live, work, and play.

Explore other artworks in the state art collection by visiting “My Public Art Portal” at  Also, to see more of Greg’s work, you can visit his website:

     Kind regards,

     Patti Fouts, Principal

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