Change in Policy for MHS Weight Room – The Meridian High School weight room is provided by the District for the education and instruction of District students.  Based on guidance from the Washington Risk Management Pool (the District’s insurance provider) the weight room will henceforth be available only to Meridian School District employees and current students.   Members of the public and former students who wish to use District facilities must submit a facility use application to rent the facilities when not in use by students.  However, facility rental of the weight room will not be allowed due the high risk nature of the equipment and potential liability risk to the District.

Health Services

cdennis Thu, 11/07/2013 - 9:56am

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Cheryl Dennis, RN (360) 318-2289 email: 

As Meridian School District nurses, we believe healthy children are successful learners.  Our goal is to support student success through assessment, intervention and follow-up care for all students. We strive to provide for the safety and well-being of students and staff by integrating health solutions and partnering with parents and health care providers. 

Nursing Services:

  • Assessing student health needs
  • Implementing Individual Health Plans
  • Supervising medications
  • Planning for students with life threatening health conditions
  • Developing classroom accommodation plans
  • Acting as a liaison between families, students, school personnel and the medical community
  • Monitors communicable diseases
  • Oversees immunization compliance
  • Provides state mandated screenings

If your child has a life-threatening condition such as diabetes, anaphylaxis or seizures an Individual Health Plan (IHP) is required prior to school attendance.  Physician’s orders and medical forms (linked below) are needed in order for the IHP to be written.

Please contact us if you have concerns related to your child’s health and school.



Web Resources for Parents:


Whatcom County Health Department
A local resource with information about immunizations, communicable diseases and services for Children with Special Needs.

Washington State Department of Health
Provides information on statewide public health concerns, including immunizations and current news topics


Additional Information for Parents


Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Disease and Prevention
Meningococcal Disease
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