Highly Capable Program Services

The following is a list of program options, some of which are currently offered.  Program offerings vary from year to year based on the needs and interests of our students.


In Class Options

  • Differentiation within the core classroom

Classroom teachers developing a system of pre-assessment, program modification, and differentiated learning activities for the highly capable. Explore learning contracts and other in class strategies for meeting a range of learners.

  • Flexible grouping:

Flexible grouping in our elementary classrooms allows movement for students with a strong interest or ability in a more advanced unit of study.

  • Independent Study:

Students design a unit of study following a pre-assessment demonstrating proficiency, including but not limited to intuitive computerized programs.

  • Cluster grouping:

Students of high ability are grouped within a classroom to aid in collaborative work.

  • Advanced Placement

Class offerings (9-12)


Out of Class Options and Extensions (grades 2-8)

  • Small group reading  enrichment (i.e. Great Books)
  • Small group math enrichment
  • Alternative placement
  • Individualized online enrichment programs (i.e. Aleks.com)


Off Site Enrichment Opportunities (grades K-8)

Opportunities for off-site enrichment target the students identified as highly capable and may also include other students with high interest or talent in the specific area.  Field trips are voluntary and may entail a cost to participating students (scholarships are available).


Organized Competitions/Investigations

Teams of students can train and compete in local and regional competitions.  Examples could include:

  • Math Olympiad
  • Math Championship
  • Science Olympiad