Highly Capable Program Evaluation

Highly capable students will be tracked on the following assessments:

Measurement of Student Progress (MSP)

  • Individual students will be tracked on their MSP level from one test to another (reading, writing, math, and science
  • The percentage of students at each level will be reported
  • Student Growth Measures

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

  • Growth scores on the MAP Fall and spring tests will be compared to expected growth scores all highly capable learners
  • Average RIT score will be computed for these students and compared to district and national average RIT scores

Formative Assessment

  • Classroom teachers use regular, ongoing assessment to determine the needs of each student.  The information is used to adjust lessons to match student needs or provide alternative learning activities.

Surveys & Input Forms

  •  Student, parent, and teacher surveys are used to gather input on program offerings and areas for improvement.  Information is reviewed and helps inform decisions and resource allocation for our program.