Identification of Highly Capable Students

tsilves Fri, 10/25/2013 - 10:54am

Idenitification Process

The identification process for the Highly Capable Program involves collection of data from the following sources:

  1.       State and District Assessments
  2.       Cognitive Abilities Test (CoGAT)
  3.       Teacher and parent referrals

We strive to accurately identify students who are exceptionally gifted and talented.  Parent and teacher referrals, as well as standardized achievement measures (such as MAP and MSP) help us find potential candidates for the program.  Those students are tested using the CogAT (Cognitive Aptitude Test).  The test measures quantitative, verbal and nonverbal skills.

Identification Timeline:


Identification of Potential Candidates
     • Referrals
     • Child Find (Standardized Achievement Measures)


   Parent & Teacher Observation Tools
   Standardized Achievement Measures



Student Testing - CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)


Student Testing - CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)

Highly Capable Students Qualified

Development of Student Learning Goals


Parent Notification


Newly Identified Student Parent Information Night

Program Evaluation & Planning