Winter Break 

December 18 - January 1

School Resumes January 2, 2018

MP3 Student Resources - Middle Schoolers

tsilves Wed, 02/26/2014 - 2:31pm

Web Sites for Middle Schoolers

Always supervise children on the internet.


Booksie - site for students to publish their own written work.

Fun Brain - 7th grade

Fun Brain - 8th grade

Professor Garfield

Professor Garfield Word Wrestler

Internet4Classrooms - 7th

Internet4Classrooms - 8th

Created by Bret Grade 5

student created animation


Fun Brain - 7th grade

Fun Brain - 8th grade

Internet4Classrooms - 7th

Internet4Classrooms - 8th

Kid's Numbers

Math Blaster

Math Play


Foss Science (Register as Guest)

National Geographic Site


FreshBrain - site for creating and sharing technology

MakeZine - Do it Yourself Projects

Shephard Software

Shmoop - Homework Helper website

Typing Games

Free Software

Created by Sarah Grade 7

GIMP - Digital Editing Software

Notepad++ - Editor for Web Publishing