Meridian High School Career Center

The content below is provided to assist Meridian High School students as they plan for post-high school education and career.  Please let us know if there are other useful content items we can add here to make this list more comprehensive.

Thank you!

Shannon Waterman
Librarian, Research/Career Specialist

New Scholarship Database!  

Click here - always double-check due dates, as they are known to change.  If you have questions, please see Mrs. Waterman.




Senior Presentation Information:

Next deadline:  Feb. 13

One-half of your PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation is to be shown to your adviser by this date.


Senior presentation day is April 19th.  Save this date!  A successful presentation is required for graduation.  More details will come in October.  In the meantime, please look at the worksheet (link below) and begin to fill it out. 

It will serve as an outline for your presentation.  It is best to use PowerPoint for your actual presentation, and to have 15-20 slides. Please contact Mrs. Waterman if you have questions.

Senior presentation worksheet

Senior presentation rubric

Sample presentation